It has always been frustrating to me that most people who are in their early twenties immediately think that they need to go into the highest paying jobs, with the most benefits. That it is a general consensus that these are the jobs that will make your parents proud and make you a good person to bring home to the family to significant others. More importantly that this is blindly the decision people make, it is seldom that people even truly look at the pros and cons of choosing a different path.

This poster is aimed to reach and enact inward thought for college students, and people who are looking at beginning their leap toward starting a career. I think its important for people in that age range to think consciously and extensively about the choices they make regarding jobs before closing their minds off to wanting to be in the tech industry. People should look at other options, especially in progressive cities like San Francisco were there is an abundance of other options.

The main message being portrayed here is that social issues like homelessness, poverty, clean water availability, and proper food availability, are going to only be changed by the next generation about to begin careers. Also that it is up to us 20 year olds to look at our paths in life and decide if we want to make and promote positive growth in our world. The Implied message is that working in the Non-profit sector will bring growth and working a 9 to 5 job will simply perpetuate the problems through inaction and direct exploitation. I reached the overt message through the text in the center, and drew attention to it with placement, color, and size. The implied message I reached through the photographs and a bit on the text, I used black and white photos and photos that are specifically drastic to appeal to the empathy of the viewer.

Each of the photos deals with issues that are targeted largely by non-profits and issues that are obviously not noted by large companies like Google, Yahoo, etc. The implied message is reached mainly through the last photo, and the photo of hands with food in them; they are providing the solution as well as addressing problems. The first is providing a statement to literally fill up someone’s cup because there are many people who don’t have access to drinkable water, and to metaphorically do so by helping and benefiting the lives of others through your career. I wanted to keep the photos universal enough where we are able to identify with them and relatively attach our understanding to them, so I didn’t add any photos with super specified social issues. I made them black and white also to enhance the text, as it is the obvious point.

I wanted to keep the add from being cheesy because often times I find that immediately detracts from the point getting across, and makes it so that I am less likely to read too far into the context. I wanted to do that by keeping it simple but also avoiding the college student with books and question marks, I wanted to pose a realistic reason why people should think of going into Non-profit jobs. I wanted to achieve this without making it look unattractive or overly gruesome, and that is why I chose photos that are more sensitive, but still having them touching enough to evoke empathy and the desire to help. This goes for both the homeless man and the decrepit house, especially in San Francisco we all see homelessness every day, whether it is a middle-aged person or a youth we can all relate to seeing this in the public. It is something we often don’t address because it’s upsetting and I placed his photo at the top to signify that he is not below you because he is the one seeking help. People should want to go into social work to make a difference not to feel power over people with less, I wanted his eyes to make that statement and also to give the sense that someone is ‘watching you. This makes the viewer slightly uncomfortable and makes them address the problem and question their choices for a career path. I added a hash tag to the text, not only to make it relatable for people of this generation, but also as a simple way to have the implied message reiterated. To bring attention that this isn’t just saying go out and volunteers but consider a job and career that is beneficial.


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