Where to go?


In the debate of what someone who is deciding on a career path should pursue after college it’s easy to be torn between the two choices because they both have valid benefits. In my previous posts I considered the strongest reasons in which each of these paths. A job with a philanthropic background makes for a more fulfilling and satisfying career that makes positive and lasting effects on the employees and community.

Although it has become overwhelmingly normal for people who are faced with the decision of a career path to feel the need to work for a large profitable company because of societal norms and the high cost of living especially in metropolitan areas, it should not be the only path they consider. These tech jobs are not the jobs that are beneficial outside of financially and materially helping the employee. These jobs do not make the same valuable and lasting impression on peoples lives that Non profit organizations and employees are able to make every day. Choosing a path where they work with helping others and work primarily to better the lives of others are rewarded in more important ways than with material expenditures like those at large companies.

With a job where you’re working on help build up other people, you’re surrounding yourself with positive people and emotions, brining fulfillment and gratitude to your life. This fulfillment that you receive from your job and what you do will keep you from being stuck in the dead end feeling of a 9 to 5 job, being very connected with your job and enjoying the things you learn and feel from doing it will bring positivity to your life. Being able to peruse your passion of helping others and watching the progress of your work making a beneficial difference on peoples lives will be far more humbling and rewarding than working strictly to raise profit or a corporation. In one article by Joan Garry she expresses that this positivity and emphasis on helping others that is engraved in philanthropic work “should be contagious. We should be spreading it around.” This thought that it should be a movement, to take this step and work in a field that will make a difference, and “repair the world” as she calls it is exactly what students should be considering, that they can extend their existence past a vessel to generate income and be part of positive change in the world.

As a college student myself I extend this information in hopes to show people that choosing to work with people, choosing to make a difference, will bring you the most from the world of employment after obtaining a degree. Non Profit work is substantially more personally rewarding and valuable to society than a desk job at Google where progress only lies in profit, and excitement ends at a new bean bag chair. Non profit organizations are responsible for so much beneficial growth in our world, also in choosing this path there is nothing to lose, if you decide later to change your path you can do so knowing your previous work was able to extend aid and humility to others. Provided this, people faced with this choice should consider going against what they often told to do in order to positively enact change in the world and reap the benefits of a fullling job.

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