Philanthropic work after College

In college it is presented to us that we have a choice to make regarding our career, we can either work a 9 to 5 job that pays high, gives good benefits, and is part of the ever growing capitalist machine in America. Or follow what we consider to be a job that will impact the community, world, or people around us in a beneficial way. The latter often lies in the non profit sector, which engages jobs that are hugely self fulfilling and give back to the community, they spread generosity and work to enact positive change which in turn brings non tangible but very real rewards to the employees.

It is all too often that you hear people complain about their 9 to 5 job lacking excitement and variety, these jobs are aimed solely to generate profit which brings little reward to the employees other than some material perks. Being able know that your job is making a difference every day in the lives of other people not only encourages you to go to your job every day but these charitable acts are known to “provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. You are doing good for others and the community, which provides a natural sense of accomplishment” according to an article by Melinda Smith. According to a study by Forbes over 50% of Americans are unhappy at work, this doesn’t come as surprising because of how many people work for companies that are only focused on profit. Non Profit work only accounts for 9.2 % of the work force according to the NCCS, and although they are not aimed at generating income they are able to provide good wages for their employees but more importantly they make great changes every day.

Non-profits provide for a range of different issues, some very large ones like Feeding America and Habitat for Humanity are able to reach tons of people within America and beyond to help people who are without food and shelter. Habitat for humanity explains they have build more than 1 million homes since 1976 and have reached more than 5 million people worldwide. As these jobs are able to execute notable change, being part of this positive effort will spread the positive energy into all areas of your life. Being proud that your job is making a substantial difference and being happy going to it every day with that in mind is more rewarding in life than a higher paycheck.

If more people were to consider and take this path, faster and more noticeable changes would occur where our society needs them most, as a society we need humility more than we need a new Iphone. Having this mentality and being able to explore careers beyond a 9 to 5 job can make your daily work grind more fulfilling and as an employee you can reap benefits that will follow you outside of work.hands_earth


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