Tech Boom Or Social Work?

As an alternative to the path of working in the sector of philanthropy in modern America, a lot of people choose the path of working for a large corporation or tech operation, these jobs are generally more reliable and better paying. The benefits that come with choosing this path and the perks of making more money can be seen very prominently in the city of San Francisco, especially in the tech industry. These companies have high employee satisfaction ratings from their employment perks and high pay, which often makes these jobs more desirable than social work.

Photo from of Google Employee, enjoying time in the office.
Photo from
of Google Employee, enjoying time in the office.

As the tech industry has been booming in Silicon Valley and more and more people go to work for companies like Google, Facebook, or Microsoft they have been able to provide their employees with high-income jobs with lots of perks. This option has become increasingly popular as the price of living is skyrocketing. According to payscale, the median income of an experienced employee at yahoo is 119,000, which is impressive compared to the average salary of a non-profit worker being just below 50,000. Being paid well is also only one of the ways the tech industry keeps its employees happy and taken care of. Google is known for going the extra mile to make the employees experience a positive one according to an article on Business Insider by Mariana Simoes, one employee at Google said she takes full advantage of the free Goggle shuttle that takes her to work and free meals throughout the day.

These perks don’t just reach the employees either in an article by Forbes when an Employee dies,” In addition to a 10-year pay package at 50 percent of the salary, surviving spouses will see all stocks vested immediately and any children will receive a $1,000 monthly payment from the company until they reach the age of 19 (or 23 if the child is a full-time student)”. Making this job appealing to the employee as a long-term position that is beneficial for them and their whole family. Yahoo also gives benefits that last outside of the office according to the same business insider article “Yahoo reimburses its employees up to $5,000 dollars to offset eligible adoption expenses. Intel offers scholarships, free tutoring services to children of employees, and $50,000 for workers getting their MBAs.” These perks benefit both sides of the company too, not only do the employees and families gain security, but the companies are able to maintain happy and productive employees and there have been noted increases in employment satisfaction from this, along with a decrease in quitting rates.

Being able to extend the wealth that these tech giants are accumulating on to their employees ensures that the employees can live healthy happy lives with financial security. The perks that are offered inside and outside of the office are enough to explain why these companies are attracting so many new employees and growing, it also proves as a huge reason to chose this path instead of working in social work or at a non-profit organization.


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